About Me

THE Vegan Blonde

My name is Karine. I once was probably one of the most extreme carnivores out there. Faint-of-hearts, stop reading for a minute and jump to the next paragraph! I was happy with sweetbreads, blood pudding, pork and veal, raw meats of all kind, game meats like elk, moose, and deer. Food was my life. I had a catering business and organized dinner parties that would have made a vegan faint. Life was spent in the kitchen, life was good.

I embarked on my vegan journey about two years ago. I started on this path because of acne. I always had acne-prone skin, even during pregnancy. And after having kids, thinking my skin would get back to its hormonally-balanced self, I became extremely disappointed to see it was not. I started struggling with cystic acne, and tried every dermatologist and every cream out there. Then I decided to try a diet free of all animal products, to see how my skin would react to such measures. Unfortunately, at that time, I didn’t educate myself. So I started eating fruits and vegetables in large quantities, but my energy levels were quite low. I went back to meat, and tried a paleo diet. That didn’t work out either. Then one day, after watching the Gary Yourofsky speech (Georgia Tech, 2010), I decided to order five vegan cookbooks. I started reading about plant-based protein and iron sources, I started educating myself on all the nutrients necessary for optimal health. My skin cleared up tremendously. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than it was before.

Education was the key to my success, and the more I read, the more the other pillars of veganism became important to me: protection of the animals and the environment. This whole journey is much more than a change of diet, it’s a change in lifestyle.

Whole grains, seeds, and nuts are now the biggest part of my diet. I love whole and natural ingredients, and will show you how a plant-based diet can be fun, easy, and delicious! #THEVeganBlonde