First SatyaSOUL event: living your Truth

SatyaSOUL  started with this idea of truth. Truth within ourselves, truth with others, truth with nature, and truth with creation.

When we tap into our inner truth, we become free. Freedom of the mind is a beautiful thing. It gives “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint”. And once you exercise that right, you realize there are many things we do as a society because we have been conditioned to eat, activate, and rest a certain way. But as Earthlings, we all understand, deep within our Soul, our oneness with every living being and our deep-rooted symbiosis with the natural world.

We developed SatyaSOUL so that it all makes sense. From setting an intention on your mat, all the way to your plate, we breath in compassion and kindness, to foster a life in Truth and compassion, on AND off the mat.

We had a truly magical first session, and we are forever grateful for all SatyaSOULS who came out and shared their fabulous energy with us. You were all so inspiring! Until next time…


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